Bezold Effect

So I started on this with a completely different design. Originally mine was more organic but upon painting it, I really just messed it up. So I had to go home redesign it and then came up with this instead. I decided my choice of medium would be prismacolor markers which worked out for me so much better.Image


Seven Letter Word

This project actually ended up being late. Mostly because my acrylic paintings skills aren’t exactly all that great. When our projects were presented on critique day though, I realized that we could have done our project in any other medium that we would have been more comfortable with. So I did mine digitally.


My word was camouflage, (we also had the option of choosing a word longer than 7 letters) 

Unfortunately, it seems my rendition of this word was lost when it was graded. I guess I should explain that what I wanted to make seem camouflaged were the feathers. They look like her hair but the lines suggest the formation of feathers.